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Fish Finders in Gainesville, GA

Get the advantage of underwater viewing with our fish finder technology. We carry a range of options and are happy to install these useful devices to your boat. As soon as you turn on the device, reaping its benefits will be instant. There are fish finders with a range of features that are more affordable and high-tech than even a few months ago we encourage you to check out. AVC Marine and Mobile Electronics Specialists offers fish finder installation sand sales to boat owners throughout the area. We service all types of boats needing new fish finders in Gainesville, GA.

Fish Finders in Gainesville, GA

 Fish Finder Installation by Efficient Professionals

Don't drive your boat around town, hitched to the back of your car, when you can come to us for fish finder installation. We have a mobile fleet of service vans and also offer slip service for your convenience.

Our mission is as simple as providing you with the best service possible, at a time and place that fits your schedule. We make sure every one of our fish finders works properly before we leave the job site after installation. Your newly outfitted boat will be ready to find fish and catch dinner to bring home to your family and friends in a few hours or less.

Fish Finders Have Different Features Available

If the last time you saw a fish finder was the flasher or sounder of the past with a quick display number, it is time to check them out again. There are many features you can select for this electronic device that makes your life easier and boating more enjoyable. After we complete fish finder installation, you will reap all of the benefits of this update. There are so many new features for you to take advantage of which include:

Structure Scan: Shows an Image like a Picture from Both Sides of the Boat

Chart Overlay: Check Your Exact Location with This Valuable Feature

Down-Scan Imaging: Shows an Image from the Bottom of the Boat (Not the Side)

Dual Beam: Uses Two Sonar Beams to Get the Best Picture Possible

Cone Angles

Multiple Frequencies: Different Options Allow for Broad, General, Detailed, and Narrow Views

Power Used: Devices Uses Various Watts of Power and Should Be Selected According to Your Specific Needs

Color or Black and White Screens: Make it Simple to See the Fish You Want to See with One of These Options

Fish Finders Will Save Your Location

Every fisherman has the own secret spots that they like to go back to again and again if necessary. Not only do our fish finders come with the option to save your favorite locations, but some come with preloaded spots for your local lakes, rivers, and coastal locations. No matter what your preference, the fish finders we install can recall your secret spot without hours of trying to find the place. In addition to these devices, we offer a range of marine electronics  that make fishing expeditions more fruitful and safe with every trip on the water.

Catch more fish when you contact us about all of the fish finders we have available. We are proud to serve clients in Gainesville, Atlanta, Buford, Cumming, Acworth, and the surrounding communities.