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Boat Chart Plotting Systems in Gainesville, GA

From 3D options to features that use satellite images, AVC Marine and Mobile Electronics Specialists focus on charting the ocean you are navigating. The newer, more technologically advanced boat chart plotting systems on the market can truly transform your experience. There are features you can take advantage of no matter what type of boat you operate or which body of water you are navigating. Learn as much as possible about your surroundings with this boat electronics system.

Whether you are a captain needing peace of mind or a casual sailor that needs to stay informed, equipping yourself with this valuable technology is important. Stay responsible on the water with the addition of boat chart plotting systems in Gainesville, GA.

Easy Boat Chart Plotting System Installation

Options are unlimited when you come to our installers for your newest electronic devices for your boat. Our store is stocked with all of the latest and greatest to keep your boat safe, whether it is a security system or a marine chart plotting system replacement. Come to us today to get your new system installed properly and without a hitch. We have a fleet and also a boat slip that is perfect for people that don't want to go far for an installation.

Our installers are manufacturer certified and also carry certifications from reputable industry associations including the ABYC and the NMEA. You deserve a quality system, installed properly when you make an upgrade to your boat. Get the job done right the first time with our boat chart plotting system installation.

Boat Chart Plotting Systems in Gainesville, GA

Marine Chart Plotting Systems Stick to Your Point of View

No matter where you are, the orientation of your boat on the screen is always accurate to your location. Instead of being a stagnant, overhead view, the newer options come with a way to look at your current point of view. Also, we are here to check out your system and see if a simple software upgrade will get the job done.  Some of the features of basic marine chart plotting systems include:

  • Overlay of Radar
  • Recording the Boat's Speed
  • Weather Readings
  • Vector Charts
  • Water Resistance
  • Raster Charts
  • Automatic Identification System

Set sail with confidence when you contact us for the purchase and installation of boat chart plotting systems. We are proud to serve clients in Gainesville, Atlanta, Buford, Cumming, Acworth, and the surrounding communities.