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Boat GPS Systems in Gainesville, GA

Stay on track and always know where you are by adding GPS systems to your boat. AVC Marine and Mobile Electronics Specialists is a company with a dedication to a range of boat electronics including marine battery switching devices and boat GPS systems in Gainesville, GA. The types of systems available are various and can be selected to match your specialized needs.

From different screen sizes to portability options, we carry the right system for your exact needs. All of the options we install have safety features that keep you safe when you are out on the water. Find a unit that fits your needs and schedule installation when you make us your go-to company for boat GPS systems.

Boat GPS Systems in Gainesville, GA

Choosing Boat GPS Systems for Installation

As professionals that are ABYC certified and NMEA certified, we are qualified to properly install all types of GPS systems. Our team can help you find the right GPS by sifting through all of the options we have available. Some of the factors we consider when finding the right boat GPS systems for your installation are:

  • Versatility for Marine Use
  • Sonar Capability
  • Wi-Fi Capability
  • Computer Connection Options
  • Entertainment Options like the Radio
  • Number of Satellites It Uses
    (12 Should be Minimum)
  • Availability of Specific Wi-Fi Charts
  • Dash Mounts and Portability
  • Screen Size
  • Tracking Previous Routes
  • Safety Features like Man Overboard Marking
  • Basic or Advanced Mapping with 3D Views and Weather Patterns

Upgrade with Our Boat GPS Replacement

Check out the technology we have available when you come to us for replacement of your old GPS system. We specialize in marine electronics, which means we are informed about all updates in the field. These systems are no longer just a novelty but also a safety system that is worth every penny of investment.

Add Boat Battery Switching for Safety

There is nothing more disheartening than packing up for the day and not being able to turn on your boat because the battery is dead. Just like a car, your boat's battery is only recharging when the motor is running. Yet, being out on the water with the motor off drains your battery because the electronics you depend on, like lights, ratios, and other equipment, drain your battery power.

Instead of risking it, install simple boat battery switching so you can flip your boat between the power of two charges. This prolongs the life of both batteries and keeps you safe in case you run out of juice in one. Marine battery switching is highly advisable for all boat owners.

Make a change for the better when you contact us for a boat GPS replacement. We are proud to serve clients in Gainesville, Atlanta, Buford, Cumming, Acworth, and the surrounding communities.